Margaret Christensen, MD, FACOG, IFMCP, ABOIM

Dr. Margaret Christensen is passionate about helping her clients create health through treating the root cause of illness and hormone imbalance. A challenging personal health journey led her to the science based, whole systems approach of Functional Medicine where she is passionate about educating clients and colleagues alike on how to heal the whole person.

As a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP), she currently serves as an associate faculty member for the Institute for Functional Medicine ( where she teaches physicians and health care practitioners nationally and internationally on the role of environmental toxicants, epigenetics, nutrition and lifestyle exposures on hormonal health and chronic complex disease.

As a board certified Ob Gyn (FACOG) Dr. Margaret has had a long-standing interest in the myriad factors affecting hormonal imbalances and how to safely treat hormone related illnesses from a whole systems standpoint.

Dr Christensen graduated with honors from Rice University, received her M.D. with honors from Baylor College of Medicine, subsequently completing her residency at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas (BUMC), with honors. She served as adjunct faculty for the BUMC residency teaching program for 10 years, while running a large Ob-Gyn practice that included the only nurse midwives in private practice in Dallas. She is the co-author of the award winning Birthing A Better Way: 12 Secrets to Natural Childbirth book.

A popular lecturer and speaker both locally and nationally, she holds regular seminars on Detoxification and Hormonal Balancing, Mother-Daughter Coming of Age workshops, Sacred Sexuality, and life-transforming retreats on Creating Health from the Inside Out. In addition, she has lectured at SMU in the departments of medical anthropology, and Perkins School of Theology, passionately combining her interests in anthropology, cross cultural healing, quantum physics and spirituality.

Along the way she managed to birth, nurse and is raise four wonderful children who are her teachers -- so understands first hand the challenges of working mothers to create balance, health and well being in their lives.


Initial/First visit with Dr. Christensen: $695
Established Client Visit: $425

My Personal Story

As a traditionally trained gynecologist, for 10 years I operated a very busy large practice, doing what I had been trained to do:
Handing out synthetic hormones and cutting out parts that didn't work. Over time I became more and more frustrated with this approach as the women would return to me continuing to complain of fatigue, multiple vague physical complaints, feeling hormonally imbalanced and often overwhelmed.

I was one of them. Too much stress, not enough sleep, a poor diet and a pill couldn't fix it all. A few of my clients brought me information about bio identical hormones and nutritional approaches to healing. As I listened, I became intrigued and began learning things I was never taught in medical school or residency. I found the Institute of Functional Medicine and learned a whole systems, scientific approach to healing.

There was nothing "alternative" about any of this. It was basic physiology and biochemistry, backed with a lot of nutritional science--information that most doctor's don't ever learn because they're too busy being educated only by the pharmaceutical industry. And it's really very simple: what we consume and can't get rid of becomes us.

So I started with myself, closing my old practice, taking time off to educate myself and to apply these principles to my own life. By healing myself first I could then share my knowledge and experience; now helping my clients create health, vitality and long term well-being in their own lives. Helping you not just to survive, but to thrive.

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