Gabrielle Grandell | FMCHC, CLT

Gabrielle Grandell, FMCHC, CLT is a Functional Medicine Dietitian and Lifestyle Educator who is passionate about transformation. Combining her background in health coaching, food service and medical nutrition therapy, Gabrielle assists clients in creating their ideal vision of the future, and advocates a personalized approach to nutrition rooted in the belief that food is medicine.

As important as what we eat is how, when and why we eat, and, together, Gabrielle and her clients can identify and address any underlying beliefs or patterns that may be limiting lasting change.

Gabrielle’s services incorporate a whole systems approach that integrates the principles of functional medicine and nutrition, eating and positive psychology, and mind-body medicine.

She emphasizes practical application by offering private and group assessments, grocery store tours, pantry makeovers, meal planning, and cooking and educational workshops so that clients walk away with the knowledge, skills and confidence to sustain a healthful lifestyle.

Gabrielle’s clients range from those with specific health conditions; to those who want to understand how they can nourish their bodies and spirits through clean food and conscious activity.

Gabrielle's emphasis is on nutritional therapies that incorporate:

  • Functional and medicinal foods and nutrient supplementation
  • Positive and eating psychology
  • Advanced diagnostic testing
  • Evidence based coaching and Mind- Body Medicine
  • Detoxification and elimination programs for managing various health challenges
  • Gabrielle achieved her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and Institutional Administration at Texas Woman's University in 2007, and launched a successful Medical Weight Loss program at a nationwide MedSpa as a Lifestyle Educator. A desire to gain additional experience led her to begin practicing clinical nutrition and patient care for several years at Baylor University Medical Center of Dallas. However she quickly became disillusioned by the conventional dietetics model and the corrupting influence of Agribusiness, Big Food and Big Pharma on medical and nutritional education.

    She came to understand how these industries were contributing to underlying poor health and the huge problem of "over consumption malnutrition" in this country. Gabrielle is honored to be serving on the faculty as a Course Facilitator and is excited about becoming a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and obtaining credentialing through the National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC).


    New to the Clinic (90 mins): $185
    Clinic Referral (90 min) $150 (initial Nutrition Visit)
    Clinic Established (60 mins): $125
    *Package Prices Available