Meet our team:

It is a challenge for working mothers to create balance, health, and well being in their lives.

Margaret Christensen M.D. See Bio

The amazing body we've been handed works great if we take charge of our own wellness.

Heidi Iratcabal N.D. See Bio

My goal is to assist patient achieve wellness by enhancing the body's own capacities.

James Fambro M.D. See Bio

I utilize an integrative approach to healing and wellness.

Debra Orzen DNP, RN, FNP-C See Bio

Our bodies are the most amazing machines on the planet.

Alicia Smith MEd, RD, LD, CLT See Bio

We cannot limit ourselves to treating disease.

Christy MaskeroniMS RDN LD CPT See Bio

Food is the most powerful medicine that can heal as well nourish.

Zarana Parekh Dietitian See Bio

I was so impressed with the effectiveness of MFR treatments that I wanted to learn and share this work.

Yvonne Brannigan PT, LMT See Bio

My philosophy recognizes the full range of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental influences

Amy Adams L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. See Bio


Sharon Ruestmann: Clinic Manager

Clinical Support:

Elizabeth Risner, RN: Nurse
Julie Kennedy, RN: Nurse
Aimee Thompson, RN, BSN, PHN: IV Nurse
Kathleen Little (Kat), MA: IV Medical Assistant
Daisy Perez, MA: Phlebotomist/Medical Assistant


Alice Olham: Call Router
Rhonda Seher: Concierge
Leslie Martinez: Client Check-In
Jocelyne Flores: Client Check-Out

Natalie Browne: Media

Paige Polk: Supplement Coordinator