Dr. Leesa Condry

Dr. Leesa Condry received her M.D. from UT Southwestern in 1977. Her residency training in obstetrics and gynecology was followed by 22 years of practice. This included a four-year stint of teaching at UT Southwestern Medical School. Nutrition and lifestyle were always part of her practice.

In 2003 she retired from her traditional practice to spend more time with her three sons. From 2004 until 2010 she traveled back and forth to Sierra Leone, Africa doing gynecologic surgery. She started two foundations that supported care for women in the Freetown, Sierra Leone area. These organizations have been melded with larger charitable efforts in West Africa. She has also worked in Uganda and Guatemala.

Following her longtime interest in integrative medicine she began the Institute of Functional Medicine certification program which she completed in 2015. She has used these principles in managing patients for the Dallas County Medical Society’s Project Access program and Metrocrest Clinic.

She has joined Drs. Christensen and Iratcabal in the Carpathia Collaborative to help identify and address the root causes of chronic diseases through a whole body approach, the Functional Medicine approach. It is the “how to” of decreasing stress, eating better, and becoming more balanced.

An enthusiastic gardener and cook, Dr. Condry incorporates wellness principles into her own life. She is a dedicated meditator and yogi.


New patient / 90 minutes $350
Follow-Up / 60 minutes $300
Follow-Up / 30 minutes $150