Carpathia Collaborative | Educate: Self Care

Simple Self Care Tools

  1. Gratitude- making a list every night before bed of 5 things you are grateful for, focus on what's right in your life, not wrong. Compassion-for yourself and others, you are doing the best you can. We are all perfectly imperfect as humans

  2. Forgiveness-of yourself and others. Carrying resentments stresses your adrenals and produces toxic chemicals in the body

  3. Meditation- take time to sit quietly for 5-10 minutes to empty your head and just "be" (see suggested reading list)

  4. Prayer- Ask daily for Highest Good to prevail, then let go. Use your favorite religious text, a book of poetry, a daily reader or devotional

  5. Walk mindfully- "through the soles of our feet we access the feats of our soul". Just put on your tennis shoes and walk out the front door

  6. Movement-any form walk, dance, swim, bike, get's rid of "stuck" energy

  7. Laugh-it is the best medicine. Rent funny movies, read funny books, go out with the girl friends

  8. Turn off all the negative images and sounds!

  9. Silence- Wow! What a concept! Our lives are so nosy that it's hard to listen to that "still small voice within"

  10. BREATHE- take slow deep belly breaths in for count of 4, hold for 4, out to count of 8

  11. Play-when was the last time you did something just for fun?

  12. Create-journal, garden, paint, write, cook, scrapbook, design, decorate How do you express who you are?

  13. Pedicure-one of the simple pleasures in life (bring non-toxic nail polish)

  14. Gentle Yoga or Tai Chi-learn to tune into body wisdom and intuition (Madeline Udashen 214- 674-6211 an AMAZING yoga therapist)

  15. NO NEWS- it's all bad and marketed to create anxiety, you'll hear if something important has happened. Use prayer, meditation and positive actions to deal with it-not watching stressful images over and over!

  16. Girls Night Out- gather with girlfriends on a regular basis

  17. Weekend retreat- by yourself to a nearby bed and breakfast

  18. Massage, bodywork, Reiki, acupuncture- all tools to help relax the body and restore the adrenal system

  19. Good music-listen to your favorite soul restoring music (need suggestions? check out for their catalog)

  20. Say "NO. My plate is full. Unfortunately I'm not available..."

  21. Naps- just laying down for 20 min can greatly help restore your energy. No need to sleep, just get horizontal to help your adrenals recharge

  22. Bed by 10pm every night, to prevent your adrenals from going into overdrive and getting a "second wind" that makes sleep disturbed

  23. Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) or "Tapping", a very powerful technique using acupuncture meridians to access and change dysfunctional and sabotaging behavior patterns (Constance Greer 214-663-6847 an excellent EFT coach!)