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How to Stop Caffeine, Alcohol and Sugar and Keep Your Sanity

Caffeine, Alcohol and Sugar are treated by the body as toxins, placing major stress on the detoxification and immune systems, as well as affecting hormonal balancing. In addition, they exacerbate fatigue and anxiety in a vicious cycle)


  • Start with ½ and ½ decaf and gradually increase decaf amount · Green tea OK, herb teas best to substitute · Prior to cup of coffee in a.m. have a cup of hot peppermint tea (Egyptian Licorice Mint by Yogi Teas my favorite) and an Emergen-C drink

  • Go to bed by 10 pm, you'll need less caffeine if you rest better

  • Increase water consumption- hydration improves energy levels

  • Get at least 3000mg of Vit C/ day in divided doses and take a B complex · Substitute "Emergen-C" packet for soft drinks

  • Stay away from sugar and "white stuff"- it will make you feel more tired and sluggish and increase your craving for caffeine

  • Eat adequate protein, especially at breakfast
  • Alcohol

  • Ask why are you drinking it? Habit or stress relief or social?

  • If for stress relief -take a short walk or hot bath instead, prayer, meditation, nice music, deep breaths, no news

  • If habit- avoid caffeine and sugar which drive cravings, be mindful of unconscious behaviors and work to change your habits

  • If social- Have a glass of sparkling water and lime, cranberry juice,or a cup of hot herb tea instead

  • If the thought of giving it up creates anxiety, you may be addicted physically and emotionally. 12 step programs like AA can help
  • Sugar

    (this includes almost anything white- sugar, flour, white rice, white potatoes and just about most stuff that comes in a package)

  • Can be a challenge, withdrawal for some is intense · Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they both contribute to sugar cravings

  • Start everyday with protein such as turkey sausage or smoked salmon

  • Have almonds or almond butter on apples for a snack · Avoid all artificial sweeteners, they only increase cravings for sugar

  • Be mindful of the natural sweetness of many vegetables and fruits and enjoy those instead

  • Take your Vit C and b-complex and multi-vit with minerals- all involved in sugar metabolism and processing.