Carpathia Collaborative | Services: Testing & Supplements


At the Carpathia, we do a combination of the most advanced and comprehensive salivary, stool, and urine sample testing available to assess and manage underlying issue, or the root causes of illnesses.

In Chinese healing there is a theory called "the root vs. the branch." If one treats the root they will always affect the leaves and the branch. This type of testing addresses the soil in which the root rests. If the soil is good and healthy, the root will draw the right nutrients and become balanced. In the same manner, if our body's soil is healthy and balanced, we will be free and better prepared to deal with the effects of chronic imbalances.

This unique approach is being used successfully by medical doctors, acupuncturists, and other healthcare providers who realize the benefits of accurate nutritional targeting for the clients. This testing system provides a reliable picture of the nutritional and health of the body.

Each test provides a piece of the puzzle, which viewed collectively, presents important clues about the underlying nutritional causes blocking health and vitality.

ALCAT Food and Chemical Sensitivity Testing

ALCAT Food and Chemical Sensitivity Testing measures personalized nutrition at the cellular level. The core technology is a blood test that measures the body's cellular response to challenges from a wide array of substances including various foods, additives, colorings, and chemicals. The individual's cellular reactivity after exposure of the blood to the various test agents, versus the person's own baseline control, tells the healthcare provider which substance may be causing a sensitivity-related response in the body. Following testing, a 4-day rotational diet is recommended to the client.

The ALCAT Test has been validated by demonstrating a high correlation with double blind oral challenges with both foods and food additives. In additions, a controlled study from Baylor Medical College reported a 98% success rate for weight loss and/or improvement in body composition from clients that followed the recommended ALCAT Rotational Diet, an unparalleled achievement.


Once testing is complete, nutritional supplements and dietary recommendations can be objectively targeted for faster and more effective results. The progress of an individual can also be accurately tracked to monitor the success of the treatment and help direct the course of action to full health.

We are meticulous about the company and formulations of supplements. Center of Health only works with pharmaceutical grade companies with impeccable safety and clean reputations as well as formulations that give consistent dosage for optimal efficiency. Her goal is to sift through the sea of supplements out there and the vast internet information to find the best product for each person's needs.

Basic Nutrient Recommendations

We strongly recommend that our clients only use pharmaceutical grade products, from companies that actually manufacture their own products, do clinical studies to show absorption and efficacy and maintain very strict quality control standards.

When evaluating brands, ask about their manufacturing process, filler ingredients, raw material suppliers, independent third party testing and whether or not they are GMP certified. For herbs you want to make sure they are organic and wild crafted for environmental responsibility.

Metagenics, Shaklee, Xymogen and OrthoMolecular are the brands I have researched and recommend from a clinical efficacy standpoint.

For a basic foundation I recommend that all my patients take high quality:

  • Multi-vitamin with minerals (to replete what is depleted)
  • B-complex (used up under stress)
  • Vitamin C 500-3000 units/day (antioxidant/immune system)
  • Vitamin E 200-400mg/day (antioxidant/immune system)
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (fish oils: anti-inflammatory/cell membrane function, cardiovascular/brain/skin health)
  • Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D mineral complex
  • Probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus
  • (Shaklee Vitalizer strips are an easy way to get these basics.)

    These nutrients should be taken with meals. In addition, depending on what is being treated, various other nutrients to support adrenal/thyroid/gut/hormonal/liver/joint health may be used.

    In order to absorb what you are taking it's important to have excellent , otherwise you may not get the optimal benefits.