Carpathia Collaborative | Wellness Class Descriptions

Wellness Class Descriptions

Vedic-Thai Bodywork:

Vedic-Thai Bodywork or "assisted asana" is a style of massage practiced with a partner that is easy to learn and fun to practice. During this hands-on workshop we practice on the floor in seated or lying positions where you will learn beautiful sequences of massage/yoga asanas and stretches. This ancient practice can enhance your vitality, reduce stress and balance your life-force energy. Transform your life by learning the sacred art of Vedic Thai-Yoga Bodywork.

Tai Chi for Busy People:

The meditative, sequenced form of Tai Chi for Busy People or Easy Tai Chi is graceful, flowing, and fun. Easy Tai Chi uses movements from longer Tai Chi forms and often integrates Chi Gong practices to start things off. Practicing Tai Chi and Easy Tai Chi can numerous health benefits which include reducing stress, improving balance, coordination and strength increasing relaxation, energy, circulation, flexibility, muscle tone, lowering blood pressure, enhancing brain functioning and the immune system.