Biotoxin Illness

Biotoxin illness often presents as severe chronic fatigue, POTs syndrome, migraines, chronic recurrent infection and “mystery illnesses” that have been difficult to diagnose or treat.

Root causes may include exposure to toxic mold, tick borne infections such as Lyme’s disease, or exposure to excess heavy metals or common industrial pollutants such as pesticides. Biotoxins can be found in air, water, bug bites and other environmental exposures, including foods. Often they are fat soluble, and can contribute to difficulty with weight loss. In addition, biotoxins cause all kinds of disruptions with hormones and neurotransmitters, leading to symptoms including adrenal and sex hormone disruption, neurologic symptoms such as tremors, numbness and tingling, headaches along with “brain fog”. Anxiety and depression are often common results.

Unfortunately it is usually not just one cause- it’s the total body burden of toxicity along with decreased immune function that make these clients some of our sickest. You may require advanced nutritional therapies along with IV therapies, hyperbaric or other modalities. Supporting yourself from a psycho-spiritual and PTSD prevention standpoint is imperative.

We can help with our group resiliency and recovery visits that include acupuncture, meditation and stress management tools. Our approach is to evaluate, remove and treat underlying causes, while supporting and helping to re-build your body’s own immune function and resiliency.


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