It’s critical to understand the profound link between gastro-intestinal and brain health. Leaky gut equals “leaky brain”. Along with GI health, it’s important to identify and address hormonal imbalances including high blood sugar, insulin resistance and diabetes, levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, or deficiencies of thyroid and sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

In addition, toxin exposures and infections can contribute to acute and chronic brain dysfunction. These biotoxins can include toxic mold exposure, heavy metals, common pesticides and herbicides, along with viral infections including EBV and HSV, and bacterial infections such as Lyme and Lyme-like tick borne illnesses.

Other factors to identify and address include cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure circulation problems, sleep apnea and strokes. Head trauma- whether sports injuries, falls or from car accidents, whether there was a concussion, are an important source of chronic low grade brain inflammation.

We offer many modalities to optimize lifetime brain function, including our GI and detoxification protocols, specific brain enhancing nutrients and botanicals, identifying and controlling insulin resistance, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Hyperbaric oxygen, phospho-lipid exchange with phosphatidyl choline [PK protocol], as well as other IV therapies can be extremely beneficial. In addition, Dr. Iratcabal has trained with author and amazing functional neurologic chiropractor, Dr. Datis Kharazzian [Why Doesn’t My Brain Work?] and she brings many innovative brain-training exercises to our clients.

Neurologist and neuroscientist Dr.Dale Bredesen of UCLA, and author The End of Alzheimer’s, has clinically demonstrated that it is possible to prevent and even reverse dementia and Alzheimer’s by identifying and treating the underlying causes. He developed a whole systems Functional Medicine approach called ReCODE [Reversing Early COgnitive DEcline] to help identify and reverse changes 10-20 years beforehand. Dr.’s Christensen, Iratcabal and Orzen are ReCODE certified.

Please make an appointment to work with one of our practitioners to help you optimize your brain function.