Chronic Pain

Most people consider chronic pain to be persistent, regular pain that has plagued them for years, when in fact it’s typically any pain lasting more than 12 weeks.

Understanding Chronic Pain

While acute pain is a normal, important reaction alerting us to injury or a serious health condition that needs emergency care, low-grade to severe chronic pain can offset the quality of your daily life and should also be treated just as acute pain.

While some people experience the onset of chronic pain from a sudden injury, such as a car accident, a sports accident, or impact to a body part, many who suffer from chronic pain have no idea how it originated and treat it as “just part of the aches and pains of everyday living”. At Carpathia Collaborative we believe that it’s just as important to get to the root cause of your chronic pain as any other health condition or illness that we treat.

Chronic pain may arise from a multitude of sources and in some cases, is brought about from several imbalances in your body. Some of the causes may in fact surprise you, including neurological issues, problems with muscle signaling, and compromised gut health.

Trying to manage chronic pain on your own, can have an unhealthy snowball effect and bring on a host of other health problems, such as fatigue, sleep disturbance, decreased appetite, and mood changes, and poor lifestyle choices including taking dangerous, addictive medications as a coping mechanism.


While you may currently be using pain meditation, our goal is to treat the root cause and not your symptoms. Pain is a very personal and subjective experience and there is no one test out that can measure and locate the cause of pain sensations. The key is to rebalance your body for optimal healing to ride yourself of chronic pain.

We follow a holistic protocol in treating chronic pain that is very geared towards the individual’s need, including taking a deeper look at your diet, causes of inflammation, exercise, your brain and gut health, and many other areas to rebalance the body so that it can heal from chronic pain.

Some of the Unique Therapies That Can Help


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