Our Collaborative Center

Carpathia Center for Functional Medicine and Whole Life Health

Throughout our center, our goal is to promote wellness not only for our patients but also be the leading health experts in our community with our multidisciplinary team of expert health professionals.

Through a wide variety of activities, our practitioners work together to apply an integrative and holistic approach to healing chronic illness as well as teaching you how to use holistic health habits to achieve lasting wellness.

Our center regularly holds a variety of classes and teachers to jump start you on your path to health, no matter where your are starting from. Contact the center to experience some of our classes such as:

  • Therapeutic Yoga and Mind-Body Wellness classes daily at our in-house studio
  • Food as Medicine Classes and Workshops
  • Movie Screenings and Presentations on Health and Wellness

Utilizing Functional Medicine principles, we have created a compassionate, 360 degree, science-based, leading edge approach to health on all levels that we teach, hands-on in our center. We educate and engage our clients to treat root causes of illness — moving beyond disease by harnessing easy, lifestyle changes and tools that they can apply in their own home, like yoga, mediation, healthy eating and cooking, to achieve more balance and nutrition each and every day.

Our practitioners work collaboratively with clients to share their wealth of healing lifestyle tools, so that the healing journey can continue, long after the client has left the center.

Therapeutic Yoga & Mind-Body Wellness

We also have an in-house studio attached to our clinic that serves as a community space for various classes, workshops & events throughout the week. We have intelligently assembled a variety of classes & teachers to jumpstart you on your path from wherever you might be.

Whether it’s learning to better understand your mind through Meditation, healing your body through therapeutic yoga, accupunture sound baths, or taking a bigger role in your own self-care, Carpathia strives to provide a healing & nourishing environment for whatever your aspiration might be. Check out our upcoming events


Take The First Step On Your Journey Back To Health

Functional Medicine gets to the root cause of your issues with the help of our experienced team of practitioners. Register as a new patient, on our patient portal and fill out a new patient questionnaire. Our admin team will reach out to you to schedule an appointment and jumpstart your journey back to health!