Can’t seem to get rid of that sluggish feeling? You may be experiencing toxic overload.

In the past 70 years we have radically altered the environment in which we as humans live. Annually we dump 4 to 6 billion pounds of chemicals into the soils, rivers, oceans and air – from petrochemicals, to pesticides, to industrial waste products.

All of which are toxic to living things, interfering with hormonal systems, the gastrointestinal tract and the neurological system. If our detoxification mechanisms are overwhelmed, we may be plagued with chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, hormonal disturbances, allergies and the debilitating effects of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, cancer and many autoimmune diseases.We may be living longer, however, often the quality of our long lives are much lower.

What Are The Toxin Sources?

First, we have radically altered our diets to include high quantities of sugar, overly processed foods (high in calories but stripped of nutrient content), large quantities of hydrogenated fats, excess amounts of stimulants (i.e. caffeine and MSG) as well as chemical preservatives, artificial food colorings and additives. All chemicals our bodies were not evolved to readily detoxify!

Next, the way we grow our crops and farm animals has radically changed. Industrial farming has depleted the soils’ nutrient and mineral content. Petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetic modification are utilized to compensate.

GMO and chemically altered crops are then fed to farm animals given huge quantities of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones, which eventually makes it onto our dinner tables. Then, what we consume becomes us, chemicals and stress hormones and all, a heavy toxic load to bear.

Genetically engineered GMO “phoods”, soaked in Round-up a highly toxic pesticid, now make up 90% of the food supply.They create massive disruption of our healthy gut microbiomes, disrupting hormones and the nervous system and add a huge toxic burden to our bodies, as well as being incredibly toxic to the environment.

Additionally, we take many antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, synthetic hormones, and pharmaceuticals which further damage our gastrointestinal systems and alter our body’s normal balance of healthy bacteria. Throw in heavy metals, toxic mold or chronic infections such as Lyme, no wonder we feel terrible!

Our self healing systems become overwhelmed, putting further stress on the body.On top of all, the frenetic pace of the information age has radically changed work and family lifestyles. There’s hardly any downtime, and we are often relentlessly stressed psychologically. From TV to radio, laptops, emails, cell phones, ipads, we are bombarded with constant stimulation – particularly anxiety provoking images and information.

All of these factors create toxic internal stress chemicals which affect our body’s balance and health if we can’t get rid of them.

So What Can We Do?

The good news is our bodies have great self healing powers! We come equipped with extensive and elegant detoxification mechanisms which can be supported at all levels.

Our nutritional Detoxification Program has been designed scientifically to support detoxification and repair our damaged metabolisms. It begins with utilizing well researched nutrients, enzymes and phytochemicals along with an elimination diet to decrease toxin exposure.

Just as important is looking at our lifestyles and how we can lower levels of toxic internal stress chemicals.

Small changes in self care at emotional, psychological and spiritual levels can reap huge benefits!

For advanced detoxification strategies, we offer various IV therapies including B vitamins, glutathione, high dose Vitamin C and PK protocol [phospholipid exchange].

Hyperbaric oxygen and Infrared Sauna can also assist. Please check out our Rejuvenation Center offerings.

Please ask about an appointment with our nutritionists for more information.


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