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Kinnari Khatri MD, IFMCPDr. Kinnari Khatri passionately believes in the body’s ability to heal itself when it is given the proper environment to thrive. She is committed to forming therapeutic partnerships with her clients that will help them make healing happen.

Dr. Khatri will create personalized treatment plans to set her clients up for success on their journey to wellness.


90 min New Client Intake: $375
90 min Extended Follow-up: $315
50 min Follow-up: $295
30 min Follow-up: $175

Degrees, Certifications, Training

Dr. Khatri attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham and graduated with honors. In addition to being a full time college student Dr. Khatri concurrently completed her paramedic training.

She matriculated through the University of Alabama School of Medicine and had the rare honor of being awarded numerous medical scholarships. She was in the top 3 people of her medical school class and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. Her Anesthesiology residency was completed at the highly competitive Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Subsequently she pursued fellowship training at the University of Illinois in Chicago in Acute Pain Management and Regional (nerve block) Anesthesia.

Dr. Khatri is a board certified Anesthesiologist who practiced in the DFW area for 7 years.

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The biggest achievement in Dr. Khatri’s medical career has been the completion of her Institute for Functional Medicine training.

In Dr. Khatri’s opinion the systems biology, root cause approach laid out in Functional Medicine has become the key to unlocking sustained wellness and maintaining a long health span. Holistic health, including yoga and meditation, has been an important foundation in Dr. Khatri’s life.

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In January 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The years of being over tired, stressed out, in constant sleep debt and work/life imbalance had taken its toll on my health. I had neglected self care in the pursuit of taking care of everyone else. The conventional medical treatment for breast cancer left me with a plethora of side effects. I was a shell of the person I once was.

I started implementing the principles of functional medicine starting with the gut and within months I was a whole new person. I had more energy than I ever had before. The brain fog began to recede and I was back to being a voracious reader with the ability to retain all the information I was reading.

I am living proof that functional medicine works. You might currently be living a similar story. Let me help you find your pinnacle of health. We will collaborate together and I will be your biggest advocate.



Ready to take the next step?

This is your opportunity to take the first step on your journey back to vibrant health.

Ready to take the next step?

This is your opportunity to take the first step on your journey back to vibrant health.