Bio Identical hormones and “Anti-Aging”remedies are all the rage. Unfortunately, clinics have been popping up all over the place with often-disastrous consequences from a one size fit’s all, “Hormones R Us “approach. Mindlessly inserting pellets or using high doses of hormones without looking at all the different factors involved in production, metabolism, detoxification, genetics can create many more problems than you started with!

Our approach to assessing hormones is to utilize a whole system, Functional Medicine investigation, including helping each person understand the risks and benefits involved for themselves and helping each to assess short and long term goals from hormones.

We look at factors such as quality of life issues, heart health, breast health, erectile function, brain health, osteoporosis risks, libido, sleep, nutrition and the influence of thyroid, adrenal and gastrointestinal factors When we use hormone replacement, we use only bio identical hormones (like the body would make for itself), not synthetic hormones. We prescribe small physiologic quantities, not large pharmaceutical doses, and select the best route of delivery according to your needs. At the same time clients are guided to optimize all hormonal systems and review lifestyle tools to help maintain balance. Monitoring appropriately with saliva and blood testing as needed. Most importantly, helping men and women tune into the intuition and wisdom of their body’s needs.It is important to know that there really are no gut, liver health, and sugar metabolism and the hormones balance themselves! There are many things you can do to support and optimize your body’s intrinsic healing and balancing mechanisms.

You are the best expert for your own body. Pay attention to your intuition and to what your body is telling you, and let us evaluate your hormonal replacement needs with a functional approach.

Once your hormonal and health goals have been reached consider continuing your yearly care with our cost efficient concierge program.