Remember when we were kids and it was ALL about the fun. Get back to that!
Fun, laughter, activity, causes our brains to change, to work better, to stay focused. You can eat all the good clean organic food you want, and should. You can do all the exercise you want, and should. But if you are not having fun doing those things, if they are a chore than causes you stress, then the entire purpose is defeated.
Being in life-long pursuit of health and wellness and what it takes to achieve that. What the research shows; what is most important; is our brain. The brain is the mother ship of all things. What is fantastic about the brain is that it is able to change and learn throughout our lives. The technical term is neuroplasticity.
Ok enough with the big words, brass tacks here: You are in control! Your thoughts have a profound influence on the outcome of things. The more you fuel your brain with positive activity, food, emotions, etc the better our digestions, immunes system, hormone balance, sleep, muscle response and the list goes on. Most importantly our brain ages at a slower rate. All stress and no play is the fast lane to the things we fear most; dementia, alzheimer’s etc.
Beyond the obvious things: clean food, exercise, rest, what kicks off all of the mechanism of good brain and body health is Laughter. Not a little chuckle, but a throw your head back almost pee your pants kind of laugh.
The neurotransmitters or” happy chemicals” that are produce when we do this is abundant! These chemicals are more protective and nurturing than any outside source (coffee, sugar, drugs, tv, etc) we can find.
So go on get out there and show up for your life. What ever you are doing do it with joy, share it with love and laughter. Life is serious but when we face it with that kid in us that lived for next fun moment, we find it a little less serious, and much more enjoyable.
My clients that come in with the least amount of health issues, least amount of prescription medications and keenest brain power, are the ones that are involved in community, take time to really enjoy things, constantly learning something new, watch very little television, still find awe in things and laugh a lot.
“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter” e.e. cummings