Leila Doolittle DC

Dr. Leila Doolittle graduated from Parker University in December 2016 as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Prior to that, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science pre-medical Biology and Chemistry degree from Hendrix University.

While at Parker, she studied the specialties of chiropractic neurology, functional medicine and acupuncture so she can extend an integrative approach to her patient’s cases for the most specific treatment to help treat the root causes that may be holding a patient back from living their life to the fullest extent possible.​

Dr. Leila Doolittle studied post-graduate Functional Neurology through the Carrick Institute of Functional Neurology and through Functional Neurology Seminars.

Additionally, Dr. Leila Doolittle is currently studying Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

She understands that all the systems of the body and their connections must be addressed for optimal health to be attained.

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