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Dr. Julie Kennedy



Julie Kennedy, RNDr. Julie Kennedy is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She enjoys helping individuals achieve optimal health through lifestyle management, viewing the whole person, and looking at root cause. Dr. Kennedy has her Doctorate of Nursing Practice and her Master’s in Business Administration from Texas Christian University. She also holds certifications as a health coach, a BodyBar Pilates instructor, a 200-Hour yoga instructor, a mindfulness-based stress reduction instructor, and Ayurvedic medicine. Dr. Kennedy has completed all her practitioner coursework through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She has work experience in pediatrics, functional medicine, integrative nutrition health coaching, and healthcare business. After her own personal health journey in undergraduate nursing school over 25 years ago, Dr. Kennedy began to study and employ functional medicine to heal herself, and eventually her daughter. She has clients with a variety of health journeys but enjoys helping clients with endocrine and mental health issues.

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Nurse Practitioner

120 min Extended New Client Intake: $375
90 min New Client Intake: $325
90 min Follow-up: $275
60 min Follow-up: $225
30 min Follow-up: $150

Health Coaching

60 min: $125

45 min: $95

30 min: $75


At 19-years-old I was diagnosed with discoid lupus while in undergraduate nursing school. I was an active young adult and became sicker with traditional medicine treatment. I knew that there was a better plan for me. I began researching and employing integrative and functional approaches to health. I weaned myself off medication and went into a ten-year remission. Then, after my daughter was born, she had severe gastroesophageal reflux and stopped eating. The recommendation was to give her a feeding button and fundoplication. Once again, I found myself searching for other options. I used functional approaches to help her heal and my daughter was able to avoid the recommended surgeries. During this stressful period, my discoid lupus returned, and I was also newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I used functional approaches to heal my autoimmune issues and adrenal fatigue once again. From that point on, my mission has been to educate myself to be able to help others heal.

Well known for…

Dr. Kennedy is passionate about community health and education. She resides in Fort Worth, Texas and has partnered with various like-minded businesses giving lectures on topics such as an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, gut repair, adrenal fatigue, and how to nourish the mind-body and soul. Dr. Kennedy also enjoys teaching busy individuals how to access self-care and a healthy lifestyle, even serving as a guest speaker on this topic with the “Life on the Upcycle” podcast.

Dr. Kennedy’s Doctorate of Nursing Project was on the topic, “Exploring Campus Green Spaces for Nature-Based Health Promotion.” Which her and her project partner mapped green spaces on the Texas Christian University map with the hopes of increasing students’ time outdoors to improve overall health. Dr. Kennedy and her project partner have presented their project to various groups with the idea of promoting more time outdoors on other university campuses and businesses.

Dr. Kennedy currently teaches weekly yoga and Pilates classes. She is also the lead teacher for Clearfork Yoga, which provides a free outdoor yoga class every Saturday to the community of Fort Worth.

Dr. Kennedy loves to cook! She has taught various private and group cooking classes that share how to create healthy meals with a busy life. Dr. Kennedy also enjoys educating individuals about gluten and dairy free baking. Fun fact, she had her own healthy catering and baking business!

Dr. Kennedy first joined Carpathia as a registered nurse, then a health coach, and is now thrilled to serve on the team as a nurse practitioner. She is also excited about working with other providers to offer more group and community education to our clients.

Degrees, Certifications, Training

  • Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner: Texas Christian University
  • Master’s of Business Administration: Texas Christian University
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Texas Christian University
  • Certified Health Coach: Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Pilates Instructor Certification: BodyBar Pilates
  • 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher: Baptiste Institute
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Instructor: Sounds True
  • Sacred Self-Care and Ayurvedic Nutrition: Sahara Rose
  • Ozone Nurse Training: Natural Infusion Partners

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