By: Dr. Leila Doolittle, DC 

We all use our cellphone data networks, WiFi, Bluetooth and various other wireless electronic connections on a daily basis. We are in the booming ‘Age of Technology.’ But have we stopped to consider what impact these various Electromagnetic Fields(EMF) are having on our bodies’ and our brains?

WiFi or a wireless network consists of an antenna that is connected to the internet and to wireless devices, such as laptops, phones, tablets, etc. The electromagnetic frequencies of 5G networks and WiFi 2.4 Ghz UHF and 5 Ghz SHF bands are pulsed rather than continuous. This presents a critical issue, as the more pulsed an electromagnetic frequency is, the more they have a biological impact.

5G networks are now used by most major cellular phone companies, and soon cities will be filled with 5G towers supporting these networks. Due to the complexities of the waveforms, there will have to be mini towers built every 2-8 houses. This will increase the  radiofrequency [RF] exposure from the multitude and densities of towers needed to support this network.

Electromagnetic frequencies cause premature aging and injury to the human body, including damage to brains, fertility, hearts and even DNA. EMFs activate the body’s Voltage-gated calcium channels, causing them to release excess calcium ions into the cell. This then leads to nitric oxide and superoxide which react to form free radicals that can damage DNA.

Recent research studies list the following potential health dangers of Wi-Fi, 5G and Radiofrequencies:

  1. Contributes to the Development of Insomnia
  2. Damaging to Childhood Development
  3. Affects Cell Growth
  4. Reduces Brain Activity
  5. Neutralizes Sperm
  6. Impacts Fertility by preventing egg implantation
  7. Potentially may be linked to Cancer
  8. Cellular DNA damage
  9. Endocrine or Hormonal Changes
  10. Apoptosis (programmed cell death)
  11. Oxidative Stress
  12. Calcium Overload
  13. Neuropsychiatric effects
  14. Sperm/Testicular Damage, Male Infertility
  15. Disrupts Development of Teeth
  16. Cardiac Changes, Blood Pressure Disruption, Erythrocyte Damage
  17. Growth Stimulation of Adipose Stem Cells and a possible Role in Obesity
  18. Abnormal Postnatal Development
  19. Disrupts MicroRNA Expression in the Brain

Several studies have shown that radiofrequency exposure for 1-2 months may have a relatively modest impact on biological health, but these changes could be reversed after removing the trigger. However, after 6 months or more there are irreversible effects on neurons and the brain. These results suggest that the changes induced by pulsed electromagnetic frequencies accumulate over time, with harmful long-term effects. Technology is a fundamental part of our society, so we must make an attempt to limit and protect ourselves where and when we can.

Things you can do:

  1. Keep the Wi-Fi modem away from bedrooms and rooms in the home that more frequented
  2. Turn your Wi-Fi modem off when not using it, especially overnight
  3. Connect your computer, television or other electronics via an ethernet cable rather than using Wi-Fi, as often as you can
  4. Use wired headphones rather than Bluetooth or wireless headphones or glasses
  5. Talk with your cellphone on speaker or through wire headphones rather than holding near the ear
  6. Keep your phone at least 3 feet away from you when a HotSpot is on
  7. Use your laptop unplugged and in battery mode as often as possible
  8. Always set your laptop on a table or desk, never on your lap
  9. Purchase EMF Absorber technology for home and office – Blueshield Tesla Technology or comparable products (Learn more during the 5G Crisis Summit)
  10. Place your WiFi router in a RF radiation guard to minimize the radiation emitted
  11. Always put phone in airplane mode, power off, or place outside the bedroom before going to sleep
  12. NO cellphones in your bra’s or front pockets
  13. “Ground “daily with bare feet on the earth if possible

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