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In order to give you the best care possible, making an appointment begins with filling out our Comprehensive Intake Forms.

We know it is lengthy, but we use all this information to make a more complete assessment of where you are currently and how we can help.

We ask you to consider your readiness regarding these five important questions.

  • Are you willing to take responsibility, be accountable and be a partner in your own care?
  • Are you willing to make significant changes in your diet and lifestyle based on our recommendations?
  • Are you willing to pay careful attention to your body?
  • Are you willing to engage in daily self care?
  • Are you ready to invest in your health for the long term instead of just treating symptoms?

Step-by-Step Directions For Getting Started in our Client Portal

  1. Click here to fill-out the initial screen to create your account on our secure portal.
  2. Login to the Client Portal, and click on the dark purple tab at the right, labeled “Questionnaires”.
  3. Please fill out and submit the forms under these two sections:
    • Intake Forms (All New Patients)
    • Policy & Consent Forms (All New Patients)
  4. For the dietitians please fill out and submit the 3-Day Diet Diary under this section: Additional Questionnaires (Dietitian).


What happens next?

Our clinicians will review your submissions, and we will call you to schedule an appointment in 24-48 business hours. We are more than happy to place your name on a waiting list for certain providers to get the soonest appointment available.

If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to call us at 214.553.5522.


Expectations for Biotoxin, Mold, Chronic Complex Illness, and remote clients:

Many, many of you have been traumatized by your health situation, other factors, years of not being heard, along with financial stressors- all causing limbic system dysregulation, impairing your ability to heal.

Many of you have trouble remembering and processing and are emotionally labile and understandably irritable. We will require you to work both with limbic system retraining and one of our economical health coaches on a regular basis, if you are to make progress and continue to remain a client.

Please understand that we cannot possibly assess and address many years’ worth of symptoms, lab tests and previous treatments and come up with a lifelong plan in one 90 minute intake visit. This is a 9-12+ month process of utilizing multiple team members.

( Please see our timeline here)

Outside Lab Review Fee:

Please note, if you have multiple outside labs for us to review for your initial appointment, there will be an additional 30-60 min charge depending on the number of labs and time it takes to fully review and assess your labs in the context of your history and symptoms.

Schedule your new client consultation today.

We are excited for you to meet our team and start down the path to vibrancy!

Schedule your new client consultation today.

We are excited for you to meet our team and start down the path to vibrancy!