I often encounter people so confused about the stuff they read on the internet and hear on the news about the right diet and exercise, that they come in to see if I can make more sense of it for them.

I can give you the data, my clinical experience, and yes, I hope this makes sense to you. So you can shut off the tv and ease up on the internet surfing; start with this;

Its not just the food or the just the exercise, it is in fact, a trifecta: Food, exercise, and meditation.

I could break it down to the nitty gritty mechanisms and functions, but the basic block of biology and physiology are this:
We are made to move, movement in various ways and intensities benefit different parts of cell function and immune response. Exercise is a kind of running through drills in the military. Military train for the event of catastrophe, so when that happens they are ready and respond with swift appropriate action, in order to minimize collateral damage. (not commenting on military here, just the theoretical function of the drills). Exercise serves much the same function, to prime our body, cells, brain, to respond to a cancer cell, a toxic invader, a bacteria, virus or mold.

This movement requires fuel, Food! Good clean non-toxic, non-GMO organic fuel. Food is not just something to enjoy and enjoy we should, but a large part of how our cells function and distribution of information to heal the body, make our brain work better, are nutrient dependent. This means exactly what it says, the function happens, the results are gained only by getting proper amounts of nutrients. Our DNA is nutrient dependent. These nutrients can only be derived from foods without blocking additives and chemicals.

Movement and fuel cannot fully make the circle of wellness without the link of rest, meditation and calm. We are designed to move and fuel but we need to rest in order to heal. Our bodies cannot truly attend to healing when we are awake or letting our minds run–a-muck. Rest and calm are needed to allow the body to recover from day to day, heal deeply and thoroughly and give love to the overworked stressed out adrenal system.

It takes ALL three together to achieve robust health and graceful aging.

Food is medicine, but you cannot eat well enough to not move (sedentary lifestyle among top ten causes of death) .
You cannot out exercise a bad diet (my athletes) .

Meditation and calming our minds is a powerful game changer in the course of disease processes. Be here now.