The allopathic medicine model is disease-oriented, while the functional medical practice is wellness-oriented. When your traditional physician runs standard blood work, they are looking for an already established disease process. Functional medicine lab testing aims to prevent disease before it happens by assessing patterns of imbalance.

In the course of your care, we may request that certain lab tests be conducted to assist us evaluating what needs to be addressed. The specific tests ordered will be personalized to you based on your initial evaluation with a Carpathia Collaborative doctor, and may include blood saliva urine or stool testing.

Some tests are completed by you at home. Please see instruction videos below.

Should any lab results indicate you may need further testing, depending on the findings, you will be directed to continue your care with your primary care physician or a relevant specialist, or you may choose to continue to work with your Carpathia Collaborative.


Some lab tests ordered by a Carpathia Collaborative clinician can be billed directly to your insurance by the lab. If your particular insurance company only pays for blood work done at a particular lab facility like LabCorp, you must inform us of this in advance of having blood work done. Most insurance plans cover labs done by major national labs.

Some functional lab tests we offer as part of our functional medicine testing program may not be covered by insurance and in these cases you will be charged a fee for a particular test by the lab or through Carpathia Collaborative.

We will make every effort to make you fully aware of any additional lab fees that may be incurred and to give you the opportunity to choose which lab tests you feel comfortable paying for. You are under no obligation to purchase any specialty testing.

If an at home lab test kit is mailed to you by Carpathia Collaborative, you will be charged the day the kit is mailed.

step by step instructions for our test kits

Please review these instructions carefully prior to collecting & mailing your specimens.


Great Plains Lab GPL-TOX

Real Time Urine Mycotox Test

Adrenocortex Stress Profile

Genova NutrEval

Still have questions or concerns?

Please contact us through the Client Portal or call a nurse directly at 469.729.6459.

Still have questions? We have answers.

Please contact us through the Client Portal or call a nurse directly at 469.729.6459.