Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Did you know that 1 in 10 Americans have medically unexplained conditions? 1  Are you one of them? 10% of us feel less than our healthy best despite Americans spending upwards of 4.6 trillion dollars on health care. 2 Many of us suffer from brain fog, fatigue, weakness, and digestive problems. If this is you, read on as we discuss Mold and Biological Medicine.

“European Biological Medicine is a holistic form of medicine that has been used and refined for thousands of years by some of history’s greatest medical, scientific, and philosophical masters. It is based on the approach of treating the patient – not the disease – by restoring and balancing one’s own healing mechanisms”, according to the NYC Institute for Innovative Medicine. 3 Biological medicine looks at your health in a myriad of ways. It goes beyond just nutrition, beyond illness, and beyond medicine and helps us look at the “terrain” of the body itself, and what kind of environment our cells are sitting in.

The foundation of Biological Medicine is simply that your body is a healing machine. It is a centuries-old recipe that aids your body in naturally regulating, and safely healing itself while being both drug and side-effect free. Worldwide there have been many advancements in the world of Biological Medicine.

The way we treat mold at Carpathia Collaborative is by using the modalities found in Biological Medicine. Toxic mold is often the cause of mysterious symptoms and chronic conditions. Mold illness and other environmental disorders are often undiagnosed and continue to be on the rise. In using some of the modalities in Biological Medicine you can be restored to optimum health, wellbeing, and clarity while easing chronic symptoms.

For many of our patients, their chronic illnesses have dominated their lives for many years. It takes on an effect similar to PTSD,  as patients are told there is nothing wrong with them, or that it’s all in their head while they continue to suffer.  Some have even been referred to mental health experts. By the time they find someone who understands the concepts of Biological Medicine, they may have been to several doctors and be very frustrated.

Traditional medicine does very little to address the root cause of many of our illnesses. Physicians are taught a form of emergency medicine to treat the symptom and our pharmaceutical happy society suggests a pill to relieve the symptoms.

Biological Medicine is vastly different. This form of treatment supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms and environmental “terrain”. This is accomplished through encouraging proper nutrition, ridding the body of toxins, and the restoration of the normal functions of your body with which you were born. Toxic mold illness can be helped by this form of treatment if diagnosed correctly.

Unfortunately, there is still quite a bit of misunderstanding around toxic mold illness, with very few conventional practitioners understanding the impact of environmental toxicants including heavy metals, plastics, VOCs, pesticides and other chemicals along with mycotoxins.  Research is continuing to be funded by organizations including the World Health Organization. 4

Benefits of Biological Medicine

When Biological Medicine is used for the treatment of any illness there are many benefits. 5

  • Provides support to the organs and complex systems of the body.
  • Focuses on the root cause and not just addressing the symptoms.
  • Reduces the symptoms that cause additional stress, and optimizing health.
  • Stimulates elimination for maximum detoxification.
  • Minimal side effects; safe and gentle.

Biological Mold Treatments

Biological Medicine uses many different types of therapy that are all based on one philosophy; if the body and the organs are functioning properly, the body will heal itself.

  1. Diet. Many of the problems we have encountered are not fixed by a pill, but rather by what we are consuming in the way of food. As we know the gut is our second brain, 6, and not having a functioning gut biome is the cause of many illnesses and symptoms. We recommend a diet to help repair the body, such as the Mold Detox Diet found here.
  2. Infusions. One aspect of biological medicine that has gained recent popularity is infusions. These can help with nutrient building and alkalizing the body. Discuss our infusion services with your practitioner. From IV Myers cocktails to glutathione, Vitamin C, ozone, and phosphatidylcholine- we have a number of modalities to help nourish and create a healthy terrain.
  3. Herbal Therapies. Botanical plants including leaves, roots, and oils have been used for centuries for healing and to disinfect. Now there is clinical evidence that this healing modality works. 7 We have a complete article located here.
  4. Homeopathy- this modality is 200 years old, originally utilized in Germany, and popular today, especially for very sensitive patients.  Utilizing dilutions of very tiny amounts of substances to help shift physiology at quantum levels.
  5. Anything that realigns the body to its natural state of homeostasis is considered part of Biological Medicine; so consider yoga, meditation, or even a walk outside on a trail. If it helps to bring your body to its natural state, a Biological Medicine Practitioner will both support and recommend it.

Biological Medicine Evolution In the US.

The European Biological Medicine model is being adopted in the United States. You may find it helpful to know its other name, Bioregulatory Systems Medicine. (BrSM).  BrSM has been advancing due to recent systems biology and genomics, and the focus on the implications of multi-scale interconnectivity for improving therapeutic approaches to disease, as quoted by this article.8

While many parts of the BrSM or the European Biological Medicine model are based on holistic health, it has been accelerated by the vast databases showing different perspectives in human health, patient treatments, and diseases. The increasing amount of chronic disease in western populations requires a shift in treatment.

Guidelines-based medical approaches continue to be the standard rule in clinical practice, though less than 15% of them are based on high-quality research. For each person who benefits from the 10 best-selling drugs in the USA, a number between 4 and 25 has not one beneficial effect. 9

There is of course the economics of our current health care approach. Since the widespread adoption of the current healthcare model in the 1960s, medical costs have escalated as much as 15 times. 10 Physicians and researchers have been looking to find something that is effective, has little to no side effects, and is cost-efficient.

How Safe is Biological Medicine?

As far back as the 19th-century people have been debating what actually makes someone ill. For the most part, modern medicine has fallen under the assumption that Louis Pasteur was correct. Louis Pasteur as a French biologist, microbiologist, and chemist is considered the father of modern immunology because of his studies in the late nineteenth century that popularized the germ theory of disease.

Pasteur and his colleagues introduced the hope that all infectious diseases could be prevented by prophylactic vaccination, while simultaneously treated by therapeutic vaccination- if applied soon enough after infection.11 Most of us are familiar with this approach from studying Mr. Pasteur in high school. Coincidentally, this also the line of thinking that is causing us to race for a vaccine or antibiotic for COVID-19.  Now many scientists and physicians are questioning the validity of this model and the efficacy of vaccines relative to side effects.

Terrain Theory

There was another line of thinking working in tandem back in the 19th century. It was the work of Antoine Bechamp and Claude Bernard that produced “Terrain Theory.”   The concepts of Biological Medicine must have been top of mind during their research, for these two men noticed the bigger picture of how our 100 trillion human cells interacted and benefited from the trillions of viruses, fungi, and bacteria that are woven into the tapestry of our body.  Further, they found that it was a healthy terrain within our body that creates wellness.  12  Having the “Terrain” of your body in healthy shape, makes self-healing possible, with fewer risks.

In a randomized controlled trial of homeopathy versus placebo, Dr. Reilly compared the effects of a homeopathic hayfever remedy with a placebo. In the double-blind controlled study, Dr. Reilly found that those who received the homeopathic remedy had six times fewer symptoms and were able to cut their use of antihistamines in half. 13

A recent update of the Health Technology report found 265 clinical studies of alternative medicine. The outcome of these studies, as well as a variety of specific safety studies, were predominantly positive, they found no major risk and good tolerability. Economic analyses also found a favorable cost structure. Patients reported high satisfaction with alternative healthcare options. 14

At Carpathia Collaborative, the tenants of BsRM are part of our everyday practice. We offer many personalized, holistic approaches to heal chronic illness. Call us to see which one is right for you.


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