Because we are physically composed of what we eat, drink, think, breathe, touch and can’t eliminate.

In the past 50-70 years we have radically altered the environment in which we as humans live.  Annually we dump 4-6 billion pounds of chemicals into the soils, rivers, oceans and air – from petrochemicals, to pesticides, to industrial waste products.  All of which are toxic to living things, mostly by interfering with hormonal systems and the neurological system.

We have radically altered our diets to include high quantities of sugar, overly processed foods high in calories but stripped of nutrient content, genetically modified and covered in Round-up, large quantities of hydrogenated fats, excess amounts of stimulants such as caffeine and MSG, and all kinds of chemical preservatives, artificial food colorings and additives to prolong shelf life. All chemicals which our bodies were not evolved to readily detoxify.

The way we grow our crops and farm animals has radically changed. Industrial farming has depleted the soils’ nutrient and mineral content.  Petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetic modification are utilized to compensate with disastrous long term results.  These altered crops are then fed to farm animals who have been given huge quantities of antibiotics as well as artificial growth hormones.

We take many antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, synthetic hormones, and pharmaceuticals which are toxic to our gastrointestinal systems and can radically alter our body’s normal balance of healthy bacteria.  As a result, our self healing systems may be overwhelmed putting further stress on the body.

On top of all this, the frenetic pace of the information age has radically changed our work and family lifestyles.  There seems to be hardly any downtime, and we are often relentlessly stressed psychologically.  From TV to radio, faxes, emails, cell phones, ipads, and Instagram– we are bombarded with constant stimulation – particularly anxiety provoking images and information.  Consider that we make more decisions in one day today than we used to make in an entire year a hundred years ago!  All of these factors create toxic internal stress chemicals which affect our body’s balance and health if we can’t get rid of them.

Fortunately, we are living longer because we don’t die from infections and we have marvelous technology to ease our lives and keep us going. However, often the quality of our long lives is markedly affected.  If we have overwhelmed our  bodies detoxification mechanisms, we are plagued with chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, hormonal disturbances, allergies and the debilitating effects of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dementia, heart disease, cancer and many autoimmune diseases.  So what can we do?

The good news is our bodies have great self healing powers! We come equipped with extensive and elegant detoxification mechanisms that we can learn to support at all levels.  Our livers, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and skin are all involved in excreting both external environmental toxins as well as internal metabolic toxins.

Group Support

Our Gut Repair and Detoxification  programs utilize diet and nutritionals designed scientifically to support detoxification and repair damaged metabolisms. Utilizing well researched nutrients, enzymes and phytochemicals along with a special diet to eliminate toxin exposure is only one component.  Just as important is looking at our lifestyles and how we can lower levels of toxic internal stress chemicals by supporting ourselves at emotional, psychological and spiritual levels.  Small changes in self-care can reap huge benefits!

Physical detoxification can be a powerful tool; creating an opening for vibrant health in all areas of your life.  As the body releases toxins, you may experience detoxification and letting go on all levels – mental, emotional and spiritual.  Essential oils can be a wonderful way to support many levels of detoxification

Each person clears the space to build better health and transformation happens as a result. You can transform your whole self from the cellular level by engaging your body, mind and spirit.  Help support the psychospiritual self-  Consider an Acu-Sound Bath,  a gentle yoga class, join a mediation group or a spiritual fellowship at your place of worship. Enjoy Nature, listen to music, move  and connect with others.                                                    

Detox at a Glance

  • Decrease exposure to toxins. .
  • Drink lots of filtered  water.
  • Eat real, organic food– mostly plants.
  • Nutrient support of liver detoxification.
  • Support of kidney, skin and lymph drainage-essential oils great!
  • Resting and restoring health of the GI tract.(4R’s)
  • Identify food allergies
  • Slow down– balance abnormal cortisol and adrenaline levels, caused by stress.
  • Pay attention to what your body is telling you.
  • Journal your feelings.
  • Put your shoes on and walk out the door for exercise.
  • Spend at least two hours per week in self-care.
  • Turn off the news, bad TV and negative people.
  • Commit to the process with several friends—together create the intention of better health!

Our gut repair and detoxification group programs help address the physical components of gut health and up–regulating detoxification. See our next group class Repairvite program. Anyone can sign up to come! You don’t have to be a current client for any of our group classes and visits.

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