We are excited to open our IV lounge once again to full capacity beginning in June! This past year, COVID challenges and changes have created a big shortage of qualified nursing and medical personnel– we are happy these challenges have now been resolved!

IV nutritional therapies can be an excellent way to help your recovery process, support detoxification, decrease autoimmune inflammation, or just for well-being and anti-aging.

The following IVs are available at your request from your practitioner at Carpathia without an additional IV consult.

  • A stress-busting Myer’s Cocktail loaded with B’s and Magnesium.
  • Protect yourself with an additional 15grams of Vitamin C added in for our Immune Boost. Great for travelers!
  • Feeling sluggish, tired, and fat? We have  IV”s for hydration and hangover support, metabolism, and weight loss support.
  • Detoxification support with glutathione and other nutrients
  • Help for migraine headaches and pain management.


Specialty IV therapies will need a prescription from your practitioner along with a brief 30-minute consult with our IV director to discuss your health needs, expected course, and timeframe, along with the benefits and possible risks.  Specialty IVs include IV ozone therapy, along with the use of Ultraviolet light, high dose Vitamin C IV therapies for 25-100grams of Vit C, and Phospholipid Exchange therapies for advanced detoxification and nervous system repair using intravenous phosphatidylcholine and butyrate (PK Protocol).


Thank you all for your patience while we have been restaffing and training in these last few months to bring you excellence in service and state-of-the-art therapies. We are excited to announce that Dr. Brandon Brock will be our I director of IV services! Dr. Brock will be assisting Dr. Christensen and the Carpathia practitioners in consulting with our clients in need of advanced IV support. He is available for IV consultation appointments via Zoom or in-person on Wednesdays from 3-5. Welcome to Abby Mertz, RN our new full-time IV nurse with a number of years of IV nutritional therapy experience who has trained here alongside our former IV nurses Megan and Darrah. Please call our IV line for scheduling 469-729-6465.


Please stay tuned for our full line-up of basic and advanced IV therapies to be posted soon on our website!